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Are you looking to have more energy, or understand what you can do to prevent scary diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimers? We can help you sort through the morass of information and learn how to give your body what it needs to heal itself.


Home & Garden

Amazing solutions are arising in the fields of sustainable living and agriculture, We are excited to bring you some of the best solutions for holistic living from our local area and around the world.



Whether you are looking for a day of relaxation, gift for a friend, or inspiring decore for your home, we have eco-friendly options to choose from for any occasion.


Effective Altruism

We are proud to partner with Friendly Water for the World, empowering people to make their own clean water with BioSand Water FIlters, creating jobs and healing communities.


The Minds behind Natural Living Solutions

About Robin & Natural Living SOlutions

Robin Lee

Robin is an artist and entrepreneur who is passionate about finding ways we can live full, enjoyable lives, in tune with nature. She believes that having a long healthspan, not just a long lifespan, requires loving what we do in order to take of ourselves, and the world we live in. The solutions we find are fun, exciting,  effective, and workable in our everyday lives.


Wayne Medrud

Wayne has a wealth of experience in the green building industry, with over 25 years experience installing geothermal heat pumps. radiant heating, and solar hot water. His interests are now turning toward low tech, high efficiency systems such as BioSand Water FIlters, rocket stoves and a variety of permaculture solutions in order to create lasting living environments..


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  1. Hello, We met at the mother earth fair over the weekend, and I am still trying to figure out who all I chatted with as my head was a bit spun by all the cool things and people. I did get your card, so I know I wanted to make contact with you. I was the fella with the Kimberly stove. Maybe we can connect again.


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