Zeolite Product that can detox your cells and brain!

We have found the zeolite product we’ve been looking for for detoxing heavy metals and other toxins that are in the body. It can actually pass the blood brain barrier and pull the mercury and other heavy metals of of your brain cells! The science behind this product, called ClearTRS, is impressive, so you’ll definitely be hearing more about it. For now, I’ll give you a few links. At realzeolite.com you can read about the original patent this Clear TRS is based on, and some impressive testimonials

We’ll be having a meeting in Olympia on Thursday March 20 (location tba) where you can learn more about it, so contact Robin at 614-568-3567 or GiftofHealthyChocolate@gmail.com if you’d like to come.

To order product, you can go to cleartrs.com/9463287

We are looking for people who would like to be part of a 100 person case study project, so connect with me if you are interested.

Robin Lee

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