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Are you looking to have more energy and reduce stress? Do you want to understand what you can do to prevent or address scary diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimers? Health & Longevity Coaching can help you sort through the morass of information and learn how to give your body what it needs to heal itself.

You can try our most popular solutions on their own… Or join our membership and learn how to maximize your results with our unique combination of nutrition/detox, energetic/emotional healing and creating a mindset of longevity.

Healthy Chocolate is the ideal natual anti-inflammatory solution
Healthy Chocolate

If you’re ready to see life-changing results, what could be a better delivery system for the most potent inflammation reducing antioxidants than delicious dark chocolate? Evidence based… read more

ATRS Zeolite Detox, water soluble, 1 bottle
Safe Systemic Detox

Finally a passive detox product that can safely remove heavy metals, pesticides sand other toxins from the body… read more

Natural Action Portable Water Structuring Device
Structured Water Devices

Create healthy, energized water the way nature does! Structured water devices put vortex energy into water. Benefits for health, food production… read more

Walk to reduce stress
Wellness Packages

Easy to follow systems combining education, nutrition, energy healing and tracking tools to help you achieve your ideal health goals

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  1. Hello, We met at the mother earth fair over the weekend, and I am still trying to figure out who all I chatted with as my head was a bit spun by all the cool things and people. I did get your card, so I know I wanted to make contact with you. I was the fella with the Kimberly stove. Maybe we can connect again.


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