Great Perspective on Stewardship for Living a Fulfilled Life

I think of stewardship as important because we need to take care of our planet. This article, “What Does Stewardship have to do With Living a Fulfilled Life?” gave an interesting perspective on the value of shifting our everyday mindset over to a stewardship philosophy.

The root word of ‘stewardship’ is keeper, meaning one who cares for and manages people and things. Being good stewards of our own lives, then, includes respecting our talents, and wisely sharing those gifts with the world. Consider what that would look like in your own life, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

I have a line of T-shirts that says, “Live your Genius” for that very reason. If everyone on the planet, were encouraged to Live their Genius, with each of us having our own unique set of talents and interests, it would go a long way towards solving the most pressing issues facing us today.

May you always Live your Genius, and be a good steward of all your gifts!


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