Overview – A Video of Planetary Perspective

I found a link to this in my email today, one of the gems that has been sitting around in my inbox, and I’m glad I decided to click on it. When we look at life from a different perspective, it can inspire us to a new way of being. That happened when people got to see the earth from outer space for the first time. The pictures astronauts took of the earth back in 1968 still inspire us today. This video helps put that in perspective, and not take it for granted. Instead, what if we let it inspire us to take care of this magnificent planet that we call home.

I encourage you, if you have ideas that can make the world a better place, to take action, and put your ideas to work. See who else wants to play in your sandbox. It’s time for social entrepreneurs – people who want to make a difference in the world, whether it’s with energy or health, the environment, food, or the economy – to share what they know. And many people are looking for those solutions… The whole world can change if we do!

And let’s have fun doing it!


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