Evidence-Based Results…with Chocolate???

Evidence-Based Results with Healthy Chocolate

Is it possible to see real transformation in our health by eating chocolate? We have all heard that dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, yet how many have seen dramatic health improvements by switching from milk chocolate (or other candy) to dark chocolate?

Chocolate is delicious! It’s mood enhancing. We crave it whether we are happy or sad. How, though, can we take advantage of the true benefits of cacao? Beyond Healthy ChocolateTM products allow us, for the first time, to get all the benefits from raw cacao in the form of delicious dark chocolate.

Dr Dan Sollee, a chiropractor in Colorado, has been seeing the evidence-based results of consuming Healthy ChocolateTM in his family and clients for over 10 years He enjoys making the science behind dark chocolate easy to understand, and what he shared Wednesday morning is the inspiration for this post.

What are Evidence-Based Results?

‘Evidence-based’ means there is scientific research behind it. All Beyond Healthy ChocolateTM products have scientific studies behind them. Thousands of studies document the anti-aging properties and inflammation reducing benefits (especially to the cardiovascular system and the brain) from the consumption of specific quantities of antioxidants and flavonols found in cacao.

The amount of antioxidants (measured in ORAC6) and flavonols in each piece of Healthy Chocolate and serving of the high antioxidant Dark Chocolate Shake are third party verified, making it possible to maintain therapeutic levels of antioxidants and flavonols in the bloodstream throughout the day.

Dr. Dan says…”Healthy Chocolate everyday keeps the Doctor away!”


How many flavonoids are in one X Power Square™? Most of the studies confirming cacao’s effectiveness used dosages ranging from 600-900 mg of flavonoids. The good news is that X Power Squares™ provide the optimal number of flavonoids supported by science. One 6g square contains 672 mg** of flavonoids.

Studies show the flavonols and the other beneficial compounds in chocolate stay in your system for 5 to 6 hours. Eating 3 or 4 pieces of Healthy Chocolate, spread throughout the day, can keep therapeutic levels of antioxidants coursing through your body, restoring and protecting our health, one cell at a time. This is how thousands of happy Healthy Chocolate consumers are seeing life-changing, evidence-based results!

Can’t I get the same results with any 70% or higher dark chocolate?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Not all chocolate is created equal. Most dark chocolate has been roasted, alkalized and fermented in order to reduce its bitterness. Unfortunately, those processes can destroy 60-90% of the antioxidants and beneficial compounds in cacao.

Dr. Eric Ding, a scientist in the Department of Nutrition of Harvard School of Public Health, reviewed studies averaging a dose of 400 milligrams of flavonoids a day. Dr Ding points out, regarding normally processed chocolate, “The problem is, that’s about the equivalent of eight bars of dark chocolate or 30 bars of milk chocolate,” he says. “When you eat these actual chocolate bars, all the calories and sugar come with them.”

What makes Beyond Healthy Chocolate different is the proprietary cold process that keeps the powerful broad spectrum antioxidants and flavonoids intact. A special blend of cacao, blueberry and acai berry is added to all of our cacao based products for an even greater antioxidant punch! Healthy Chocolate retains the natural cocoa butter (full of medium chain triglycerides) and is made with low glycemic whole cane sugar crystals, making it Keto-friendly chocolate.

So, is it possible to see real transformation in our health by eating chocolate?

Dr Dan reminded us that the biggest problem in trying to lose weight and keep it off is inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of over 300 chronic conditions plaguing our modern society. It’s not enough to just drop pounds. It’s important to also give your body what it needs for health.

We heard two more great weight loss testimonials on Tuesday because Healthy Chocolate and the Beyond 28 Day Fearless Success System provides your body with the antioxidants that can help fight chronic inflammation, plus the nutrients to help your body rebuild and restore health, energy and vitality.

The fun part of an evidence-based lifestyle change that involves Healthy Chocolate is that you get to eat chocolate! You don’t have to give up having a sweet treat! A 50 person weight loss and lifestyle study, published in the Bariatric Journal of Medicine, demonstrated that this program works: All 50 people stayed on for the whole 12 week study (unheard of for a weight loss study!) and all 50 lost weight, and inches off their waist. Read the results…

If you want to see Life-Changing Results with a health regimen you can stick to, include Healthy Chocolate!


** Based on standard ORAC6 and Flavonoid testing of selected production samples. Values may vary.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This information is meant for educational purposes only and are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Do not stop taking any prescription medications without consulting your physician.

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