A Detox Solution for Vaccine Injured Children & Adults

Do you have a vaccine injured child? Or maybe you are suffering effects that could be related to vaccines. I’m writing this blog post because there are things you can do to pull the mercury and other toxins out of your system. As we start to remove the toxins, the body can start to regain and restore balance.

What can that look like? For some children who had noticeable side effects from vaccines, I’m hearing from parents who’s kids are starting to talk (often within a week), become more social, even returning to the smiling, happy person they used to be.

I spoke with one woman who had severe issues for years after getting the HPV vaccine at age 12. The detox solution I am sharing here as been instrumental in giving her relief from extremely painful and uncomfortable periods.

As much as possible, we do what we feel is best to take good care of ourselves and our family, and it can be a nightmare when something goes wrong. The complications from vaccines can be one of those nightmares.

It’s true, vaccines can be important to reduce the spread of disease. Unfortunately, the full vaccine schedule for children (72 vaccines in the state of Washington), starting from birth, can be an extreme assault on infants and growing children. Even one or two vaccines – especially when added to the toxic load passed on from the mother, plus diet and the environment – can overload a child’s brain and immune system..

Mercury is one of the toxic heavy metals found in many vaccines. Below, you can see what mercury vapor can do to brain neurons. Mercury affects every organ of the body, but it is particularly attracted to brain and nervous system tissue.

How can we safely remove mercury and other heavy metals from our body and brain? Chelation has to be done very carefully. Even cilantro and natural foods that help chelate heavy metals have been known to dump heavy metals into the blood stream too quickly, causing toxic levels to build up, sometimes with serious side effects.

The Key to Safe Detox is ZEOLITE

Zeolites are mineral deposits which form cage like structures that attract and hold heavy metals and toxins. It’s part of the natural way the earth cleanses itself.

According to PUB MED Studies zeolites have been clinically proven to remove heavy metals & toxins. Zeolites were used to clean up nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl.

There have been many zeolite products on the market but zeolites are not normally able to pass through the blood brain barrier so our brains, cranial nerves etc were likely not able to be cleansed!

ATRS Zeolite Detox, water soluble, 1 bottle

Advanced TRS (Toxin Removal System) is a nano-sized (very tiny) water soluble zeolite product made using a patented process. This enables ATRS to enter the cells and cross the blood brain barrier. It safely removes heavy metals and other positively charged toxins. When the toxins are removed, the body can start to heal.

The toxins in vaccines are varied, and affect our bodies in different ways. And everyone is different, based on their unique combination of stressors (diet, environmental, emotional, genetic influences). ATRS is demonstrating powerful benefits for children and adults who have been vaccine injured. When combined with a good diet, people can see results even faster. Future posts will share more ideas on these related topics.

If you would like to participate in a 100 person case study (or do it for your children) contact us. Our goal is to document what works, so that we can help more people! The negative effects from vaccines can affect the rest of you and your child’s life. The sooner the toxins are removed, the less the potential long term consequences.

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I find Advanced TRS helpful for ongoing detox of heavy metals as well as to neutralize or prevent the toxic reaction when I am exposed to gas fumes or other toxic exposure.


Robin Lee

Health Coach and Educator, Natural Living Solutions

About the author:
Robin Lee is passionate about helping people find a path toward health and wellness that will work for them. With a family history of major health issues, Robin has developed an integrative approach to help the body regain balance and restore vitality. She has over 30 years education and experience, learning from the best in nutrition and energetic healing techniques. As a health coach and educator, Robin enjoys helping each person gain awareness of what they need for optimum health – mind, body and spirit.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This information is meant for educational purposes only and are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Do not stop taking any prescription medications without consulting your physician.

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