Throw Perfection Out the Window!

Do you let the need for perfection limit what you accomplish – on a day to day basis, as well as on a larger scale in your life? Perfection can hinder our great ideas from becoming reality.

I’m in Toastmasters, and my speech, “Throw Perfection Out the Window!” has become my most popular speech to give at clubs, particularly when clubs have trouble filling their speaking slots. After all, if more people are afraid of public speaking than death, it makes sense they might put off giving a speech until it’s ‘perfect’.

"Take perfection and throw it out the window. There is always something you can make better or do differently - strive to IMPROVE, not attain the impossible" - Denise Allen

In my speech, I talk about how my first 5 or 6 speeches I wrote and memorized word for word, practicing each for 2 to 3 hours. Then, the first project I worked from an outline, my “ah’s” and “um’s” went through the roof!

Recognizing it would be impractical to memorize every health talk I want to give, I took on a personal challenge to take every speech opportunity that came up last minute. It has been a fabulous learning experience! I recommend it for anyone who could use throwing perfection out the window, as well as for anyone who wants to improve their skills in public speaking.

Nobody is perfect so throw perfection out the window
The greatest of things is achieved with a light heart not perfectionism!

After four years of taking impromptu speech projects, I recently gave “Throw Perfection out the Window” for the second time in my home club. It triggered the realization that all those last minute speeches have made a tremendous difference in my ability to get my message across while speaking, yet I still struggle trying to write the perfect email, and take too long to get my blog posts ready.

I hadn’t transferred throwing perfection out the window to the rest of my life and my business. And I can see that need for perfection has certainly been slowing the progress of my business.

I am reminded of the words of Ryan Eliason, social entrepreneur coach, who would encourage us to take action rather than waiting until you have every piece perfect and in place, saying, “Give yourself permission to do things badly. Anything worth doing is worth first doing badly.”

“Give yourself permission to do it badly.”

– Ryans Eliason
Founder of Visionary Business School

Bill Baren, multi-million dollar earner in the coaching arena, has an awesome tip which he runs his business by: Aim for making your product (or in my case, my blog posts and emails) 30% better each time. No matter how bad your initial product is, if you make adjustments with the intent of making it 30% better with each delivery, pretty soon you’ll have a really great product.

That’s what I’m going to do with my blog! Throwing perfection out the window, each blog post will be a work in progress until it’s done. I’ll be treating the post like a conversation. If you leave comments or questions, I may incorporate the answers into the post.

This approach will also be helpful as I am learning to use the new Gutenberg wordpress platform and a new theme. A mindset of evolution instead of perfection, growing and refining…this is a new way to think as I reinvent the face and the brand of Natural Living Solutions.

Add your thoughts and let me know if this mindset is something you want to try on as well!

Robin Lee
Natural Living Solutions

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