How Can Art & Chocolate Transform Our World?

Art can be healing. Art infused with energy can enhance our intentions for health, peace and restoration, on both an individual and community scale. VibesUp and Keshe Plasma technology* can work on the energetic level to restore the energy/frequency the body needs to heal itself. These tools can be used anywhere:

  • Health – Place on a water bottle, your body, etc.
  • Home – Clean with liquid plasma.  Decorate with plasmafied art.
  • Environmental restoration/ water cleanup
  • Food production / preservation
  • Alternative energy
  • Peace and social justice

spray CO2plasma on garden for increased drought tolerance, reduce water needed*The plasma field is the unlimited energy of the Universe. Miriam Keshe created nano-coating plasma technology and made it open source so we can all experience health, abundance, free energy…even space travel. Learn to make it, experiment with what works. and share it with others! Learn more at

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Xocai Healthy ChocolateTM is cold pressed high-antioxidant, life-changing chocolate! When it comes to living our dream life, we want to LOVE every aspect of it, including our daily health routine. Healthy Chocolate is a fun way to get anti-aging, anti-inflammatory nutrition that can give us increased energy, mental clarity, and even help with diabetes, blood pressure and weight loss. Healthy Chocolate or VEgetables?

Art, Plasma and Chocolate make a happy world

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  • Healthy ChocolateTM is a home based business opportunity  in the fast growing industry of Health & Wellness/Anti-aging that can fund your own creative projects…and transform your life.
    Art and chocolate go well together, and the Healthy Chocolate Company is an exciting – and delicious! – vehicle for creating a passive income stream, living the life you love, and making a difference in the world.

9 out of 10 people crave chocolate, and 50% have to have it every day!

Leveraging the power of Art and Chocolate to make a difference in the world!


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