Understanding the Science of Genetically Modified Foods

It’s time EVERYONE gets the real information on genetically modified food. See Sandra’s talk on GMOs she gave in Yelm…the talk she always wanted to give, because people need to know where to get correct info. The food industry will be putting out as much propaganda here in Washington as they did in California

Revolutionary way to raise livestock helps build soil while raising healthier animals!

Now this is a solution that solves for pattern! Raising healthy cattle in a way that builds soil, increases flora and fauna diversity, restores the environment and watersheds, protects against drought, reduces fuel and feed costs, sequesters carbon…well worth watching the whole thing if you’re ready for a paradigm shift!

Great TED talk on Key Nutrition for Brain & Healthy Living

This is an excellent video on the importance of nutrient dense foods, including specifics on what foods give you the kind of nutrients we need for optimum health. TEDxIowaCity – Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondri   Let us know how you liked this video, leave a comment below.