Welcome to the 5 Day Challenge!

Boosting COmmunity, Immunity and Longevity 5 Day Challenge, May 24-28, 11am PST

Congratulations on your decision to spend a few days learning key tools that can help you and your community rebound quickly from the challenges that have been facing our country and the world.

As a Health and Longevity Coach with a passion for understanding how the world works, I’ve spent the last year following what’s working to help people recover from COVID. I continue to research the different theories of what the virus does in the body and how one disease could present itself in so many different ways.

While there may not be a ‘cure’ for COVID, there are things that are working, here and around the world to help people recover who get the virus…even for the most vulnerable, at risk people.

I’m excited to be bringing the best of what I’ve learned to you in this 5 Day Challenge, along with a fun, inspired Longevity mindset to what otherwise has been a source of stress, depression and hardship to so many people.

You’ll get critical, potentially life-saving information, uniquely combined with mindset training and inspiration to follow your passions in life.

I want to help you discover and unlock your gifts you bring to the world. Afterall, loving life is the first step in choosing to live a long and vibrant life!

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