A Detox Solution for Vaccine Injured Children & Adults

Do you have a vaccine injured child? Or maybe you are suffering effects that could be related to vaccines. I’m writing this blog post because there are things you can do to pull the mercury and other toxins out of your system. As we start to remove the toxins, the body can start to regain […]

Evidence-Based Results…with Chocolate???

Is it possible to see real transformation in our health by eating chocolate? We have all heard that dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, yet how many have seen dramatic health improvements by switching from milk chocolate (or other candy) to dark chocolate? Chocolate is delicious! It’s mood enhancing. We crave it […]

Overview – A Video of Planetary Perspective

I found a link to this in my email today, one of the gems that has been sitting around in my inbox, and I’m glad I decided to click on it. When we look at life from a different perspective, it can inspire us to a new way of being. That happened when people got […]

Our Biosand Water Filter Project in Uganda and Burundi

Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise Wayne, Robin and Noah are headed for Uganda and Burundi, Africa with Friendly Water for the World this summer to empower communities with the ability to make their own clean water with biosand water filters. Click on the link to doante, and like our facebook page, World Water Warriors to track […]

Zeolite Product that can detox your cells and brain!

We have found the zeolite product we’ve been looking for for detoxing heavy metals and other toxins that are in the body. It can actually pass the blood brain barrier and pull the mercury and other heavy metals of of your brain cells! The science behind this product, called Advanced TRS, is impressive, so you’ll […]

Hope in a Changing Climate

This is a great video on how we can be the solution. These are common people literally changing the face of our planet for the better. As an added bonus they are THRIVING in the process!

Short video from Thrive.com

This one of the most fascinating videos I’ve seen in a while on a subject that I am quite interested in. Watch it through to the end, you’ll be amazed!