Liquid Zeolite – the Ultimate Systemic Detox

Advanced TRS: A Zeolite Product to Detox the Brain & Body
Zeolites are a mineral that forms a cage like structure that naturally captures toxins and heavy metals. Now, we can systemically remove the mercury, and other toxins from our cells and our brain using Advanced TRS, a unique water soluble zeolite product.

Advanced TRS is a unique patented zeolite product which detoxes the body of heavy metals and other toxins. Unlike other zeolite products, which are insoluble powders or finely ground powdered zeolites in water (which can detox the digestive tract but doesn’t enter the blood steam or the cells), Advanced TRS is 100% water soluble and can actually enter cells, pass the blood brain barrier and safely pull mercury and other heavy metals out of your brain cells! Click hereTo read more on the science…

The toxins are ionically bonded to the zeolite cage and passively removed from the body through the urine, without causing toxic effects on the way out. The efficacy of this product is documented, with more studies in progress.

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 Archived Conference Calls:
***Amazing call with Dr Apsley on what is required to regenerate healthy cells, even in our toxic environemt and with the radiation from Fukushima. from May 1, 2014

We are looking for people who would like to be part of a 100 person case study project, so connect with me if you are interested.

Robin Lee

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  1. I would like to be part of your case study project.
    I’m 67. I’m borderline diabetic, border line high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I take pills for the high blood pressure, atenolol. Too many side effects to the liver with the other two. I also have glaucoma and take latanoprost.
    Christine Rapoza

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