FWFW Chocolate Fundraiser

Dear Friends of Friendly Water,Friendly Water for the World - Chocolate Fundraiser

Imaging being able to eat delicious chocolate for your own health, while helping people half way around the world to get clean water. Wouldn’t that be like heaven???

Now you can do just that, by participating in our Healthy Chocolate Fundraiser. You can eat delicious chocolate to lose weight and feel great, and we will use part of the proceeds to get the knowledge of biosand water filters to the people it can help.

I am happy to be receiving great feedback from those who have purchased Healthy Chocolate as part of our Friendly Water for the World fundraising efforts. People have expressed true gratitude at finding a solution that works for them that can help Friendly Water at the same time!

I’d like to invite you and your friends to a ‘Change Your Chocolate…Change Your Life’, and learn what that can mean for your feeling more fit and well with the life-changing health and anti aging benefits of these revolutionary high antioxidant products

Please contact Robin at 614-568-3567c, or GiftofHealthyChocolate@gmail.com. to find out more.



click here to shop Friendly Water’s Healthy Chocolate Shop


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