A balanced natural approach to long term health and wellness generally requires both energetic/emotional healing techniques and nutritional support. The following are some of my favorite solutions.

“I Got My Life Back” packages
We’ve combined our best techniques into synergistic packages that will help you achieve the increase in energy, health and vitality you are looking for.

Energetic/Emotional Healing
Vibes Up – Vibrational healing tools that are fun, simple & magical
Energetic Healing Sessions

Nutritional Support
Healthy Chocolate
Weston Price Foundation
Water Solutble Zeolite Detox
Colloidal Silver

Water (critical for life!)
Biosand Water Filters

As this website grows, we’ll provide links to learn more about the various options. Until then, feel free to contact me at 253-203-6626 or send a note via our contact page with your questions. I look forward to helping you find the combinations of solutions that work for you and your family.