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Change Your Chocolate - Shop or Join nowNot only is it fun to eat, it’s a treat!–and it’s so healthy!  You know the old saying, “You are what you eat”? Science has volumes of research indicating that when we eat food high in antioxidants as part of a healthy diet, our body’s healing function increases and is better able to heal itself and to maintain good health.  Beyond Healthy Chocolate provides just that! High antioxidant Healthy Chocolate is the ultimate treat, even for – and especially for – people who want to lose weight or have diabetes.

Also, it’s a known fact that our attitude about life and what we eat, and our feelings have a huge effect on our health. Feeling good about the food we eat and especially enjoying the taste and texture, actually supports living a healthy and productive lifestyle…for this we offer Beyond Healthy Chocolate!

Science has found that the very richest source of antioxidants that we have found is the cocoa bean. Unfortunately, the roasting and alkalizing processes commonly used by chocolate manufacturers destroys about 60-90% of the nutritional value in chocolate  So, then…What is ‘Healthy Chocolate’?. How can chocolate be healthy? The difference is Well Beyond’s special patented cold processing method, which preserves the goodness naturally found in raw cacao. Our special process keeps it all in!

Isn’t it wonderful that we have discovered that chocolate is naturally really, really healthy?!  With Beyond Healthy Chocolate you get to ENJOY (yum) the benefits and ENJOY (yum) the nutrients – high antioxidants and over 300 compounds beneficial to health – with no waxes, fillers, bad fats, or refined sugars. You get to eat this chocolate guilt free..and it’s totally delicious!
Change Your Chocolate - Shop or Join now

Whether you just want to consume these delicious chocolate products for your health, or you are interested in sharing the good news about chocolate for extra income, contact Robin at 253-203-6626 or email to determine the best package for you and your family.

Sharing Healthy Chocolate is a fun way to help change lives in fabulous ways!

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