CytoDetox – Doctor’s Formula for True Cellular Detoxification

CytoDetox Water Soluble Zeolite Detox ProductTrue healing can happen when the body is given the right ingredients – proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, beneficial bacteria – needed to rejuvenate and function properly – in the right proportions. Removing toxins, whether they come from normal bodily processes or from the environment is critical to the healing process.

Until now, removal of toxins has been primarily limited to cleansing protocols which clean out the gut and support the healthy function of the liver and kidney. There has not been a safe, effective way to remove toxins at the cellular level.

As health practitioners interested in helping your clients regain true health, we would like to invite you to learn about  a revolutionary breakthrough enabling your patients to experience the benefits of true cellular detoxification.

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Dr. Daniel Pompa & The Story Behind CytoDetox™
By Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.PSc.

CytoDetox™ was brought to me at the perfect time, and I have to say it was an answer to prayer. The FDA had been in the process of taking DMSA (a true binder of heavy metals) off the market as a supplement, which it had been for years, and making it available by prescription only. I was in turmoil over the situation because DMSA, when used properly, is an amazing tool to clear the body of heavy metals. It doesn’t cross into the cell or the brain, but because it is water-soluble it helps clear out the body before going deeper with fat-soluble agents. Seeing my concern over the situation, my wife reminded me to pray about it. It was just the right thing to say, as she reflected on other instances like this when there seemed to be something I could not solve, that could have a major impact, and God showed up with the answer. I listened, and prayed that God would bring something even better.

Within two weeks a gentleman who had worked with liquid zeolite for years had called my wife trying to get in touch with me. Normally these calls would not make it through, but having just told me to pray about this she immediately said “You need to talk to my husband.” Whether you believe in God and prayer or not this is the way it happened, and for me it was not a coincidence.

If I hadn’t just prayed about it I too would have been very skeptical about this product. Many people bring me new detox products to try, but it usually doesn’t take much research to realize it’s just another product that either does nothing or works too far downstream to make a difference. When the gentleman on the phone told me it was a liquid zeolite my hopes were crushed. Years before, we tested many of the liquid zeolite products with no success because zeolite is a particle of volcanic rock, and even though it was in liquid form it was still a particle suspended in a liquid and not soluble. The particle, although a real and great binder of heavy metals and used throughout the world to cleanup heavy metal and other toxic waste, was still too big to cross the gut let alone a cell membrane. Many people gave testimony to these liquid zeolites, likely due to the fact that they are true binders and did bind metals in the gut. They can, therefore, have a positive outcome, but are still too far downstream for my interest. I theorized that those with severe leaky gut could have benefited from a more systemic effect, but there was no proof for sure.

When I spoke these facts to him he stopped me and agreed, but assured this zeolite (clinoptilolite) particle is very different. He noted it is the first particle to be hydrolyzed, and not only crosses the gut but into the cell and the brain as well. Now he had my attention, but I remained very skeptical. He told me of the man who was responsible for the patent-pending process named Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos PharmD, MD, PhD, FETCS. He is a researcher, educator, and recipient of two of the most prestigious awards in cardiovascular research. Now he really had my attention, and I needed to speak with Dr. Tsirikos-Karapanos to better understand his research and process. And, as they say, the rest is history. The world now has a true binder that not only leaves the gut but crosses into the cell and the brain.

Combining this product with the 5R’s concept of raising intracellular glutathione and preventing autointoxication and lives will truly change. This is True Cellular Detox™ and God willing we will continue to train more practitioners around the world in the process because this is what really works. Remove the interference from the body and brain, and the God-given innate intelligence will do the healing.

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