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The concept that everything is energy, and that we can affect our health – and everything Shop Now!in our life – by affecting that energy, is becoming more mainstream.

VibesUp offers a broad range of Vibrational Energy products and Vibrational Energy Jewelry from nature to help you attract more of what you choose into your life in fun and simple ways.

Vibe Bracelet - Clarity
Vibrational Therapy made fun & simple

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. The basic tenet of the Law of Attraction is that everything is energy. There is energy and vibrations in our emotions and feelings. Any thought you have when combined with emotion, vibrates out from you to the universe and affects what you attract back into your life. As we have all experienced, keeping our thoughts on love and gratitude all day can be a challenge.

VibesUp Divine Soles
VibesUp ‘Divine Soles’

Good News! There are Vibrational therapies using the frequencies and wisdom of nature that can help you keep your vibrations attracting good throughout the day even when you’re not thinking about it. Crystals, gemstones, and frequency oils all have their own energy and Vibrational energy frequency. VibesUp has combined essential plant oils (frequency oils) with gemstones making them more specific. We then amplify their abilities with a patent pending Liquid Crystal coating.

VibesUp products are formulated to be very effective in their abilities to help attract specific beneficial vibrational energy into your home and life. These products are amazing and even come with their own tiny natural batteries. They never run out of good energy!!

Learn More Have fun exploring the award winning VibesUP products, and discovering interesting new ways to deliver these vibrational energies into your life. Kaitlyn Keyt, creator of Vibes Up has a motto: “fun, simple and magical”, and her products are making it simple indeed for so many to help the body to regain the energy and balance necessary to heal itself. I highly recommend browsing through the testimonies of VibesUp customers, as this could spark some ideas, or you may find someone you can relate to. For those of you who thirst for knowledge and want a more in depth explanation of vibrational energy and how the products work, I suggest delving into the ”How Vibrational Energy works” page.

VibesUp Therapy Bear
“I clean out ickies and help you feel safe and loved”

As you gain experience with various energetic healing modalities, I encourage you to see the range of tools and techniques as facets of a vast field. Choose the ones that are right for you, and be open to different tools being appropriate at different times. A rule Kaitlyn uses as a guide: “If it drains you, don’t do it. If it uplifts you, do a lot of it.” It’s also helpful to remember it’s not about worshipping anything or giving our power away to a stone. Everything is a tool to help us remember the power that already exists within us.
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How to shop: Browse the VibesUP website from our link, where you can place an order on our secure online store (use promo code 157) that can be delivered right to your door (particularly cost effective on package deals). When you are ready to place your order, you can also contact us at Natural Living Solutions to see if we are ready to place a group order. If you know of a shop who might like to carry VibesUp, please tell them about us.

Pricing: As you are shopping, you may notice our goal is to keep our products affordable and accessible to all. By popular request, Kaitlyn has recently added a section of high end products available for those who enjoy shopping from the top shelf.

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