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We are all exposed to toxins every day. It is estimated that we get more toxins in one day than our ancestors got in a whole lifetime. Could that exposure be at least partially responsible for the chronic diseases and high rate of cancer that plague us? If so, what can we do to safely clean out those toxins and heavy metals, so that our bodies have the opportunity to heal?

CytoDetox: A Zeolite Product to Detox the Brain & Body at the Cellular Level
Zeolites are a mineral that forms a cage like structure that naturally captures toxins and heavy metals. Now, we can systemically remove the mercury, and other toxins from our cells and our brain using CytoDetox, a revolutionary water soluble zeolite product.

CytoDetox is a unique zeolite product ( patent-pending) which detoxes the body of heavy metals and other toxins. Unlike other zeolite products, which are insoluble powders or finely ground powdered zeolites in water (which can detox the digestive tract but doesn’t enter the blood steam or the cells), CytoDetox is 100% water soluble and can actually enter cells, pass the blood brain barrier and safely pull mercury and other heavy metals out of your brain cells!

The toxins are ionically bonded to the zeolite cage and passively removed from the body through the urine, without causing toxic effects on the way out. The efficacy of this product is documented in 14 studies, with more studies in progress.

Learn more about CytoDetox and the results people are seeing by listening to Dr Pompa’s podcasts (search for CytoDetox)

Click here to watch the podcast on the science behind CytoDetox with Dr Pompa and Dr Nikolas.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order:

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Cellular detoxing with the help of CytoDetox can be an effective way to help the body restore health and wellbeing. Contact us to if you are interested in CytoDetox as part of your health regiment.

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