Art Tiles & Sinks: Create Your Home as a Healing Sanctuary

Tile mural with hummingbird and red flowering currant

Do you love getting out in the calming beauty of nature? Or do you live in an urban jungle, where nature consists of pigeons and crows in the local city park?

Incorporating the beauty of nature in your life and environment is an important component of living a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Whether you go for a walk in the great outdoors or cook for your family with your favorite flowers, birds, trees and landscapes, you can increase your quality of life.

Art Tile Tub Surround - Hummingbird and Clematis

Studies in hospitals showed that heart surgery patients had a faster recovery period when they had a window where they were able to see trees.

Further studies showed that similar recovery periods occured by having pictures of trees in the room, even when there was no window. Imagine how your enjoyment of life might change if you fill your home with the beauty of nature. What would you like to see as you take a shower or share a meal with friends and family?

Orca Tile Mural Tub Surround Creates Beautiful-Healing Sanctuary

Artist Robin Lee has over 30 years experience designing and creating unique spaces inspired by nature. One client reported the orcas and dolphins surrounding her soaking tub helped her heal from a car accident faster than expected. She noted an additional benefit as well: her three boys were willing to take a bath without complaint, as long as they could use that bath!

Each project is designed specifically to fit the given space while bringing in your favorite aspects of nature. Do you want to see the flowers and hummingbirds in your back yard while you cook for your friends and family? Or do you want to gaze on a beautiful view of Mt Rainier while you soak in your tub?

Herons on the Water - art tile backsplash

In this home, they chose to feature their beautiful view of Mt Rainier with big picture windows so everyone could enjoy the view.

To prevent a boring wall for the person doing the dishes, we chose to continue the view of Eld Inlet onto the tile backsplash behind the sink.

Commercial and public spaces where Robin has created or facilitated sink and tile installations are appreciated by clients and employees alike. In the case of the Girl Scout Center in Dupont, Washington, where 175 girl scouts painted 120 square feet of tile with nature themes,  staff use the restrooms where they can view art made by girl scouts. It reminds them of why they do their job every day.

Below are listed some of Robin’s tile and sink projects:

Call 253-203-6626 or Contact Robin to discuss how art tiles and sinks, decorative concrete, or other custom art installations, can enhance your life and increase the functionality and productivity of your space.

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