Art Tiles & Sinks

Herons on the Water - art tile backsplash Encorporating beauty in our environment is an important component of living a sustainable lifestyle, often benefitting the health and productivity of the occupants. Artist Robin Lee has over 20 years experience designing and creating unique spaces inspired by nature. Click hereKoi Handppainted Sink & Switchplates to view some of Robin’s work.

Each project is designed specifically to fit the given space and bring in the client’s favorite aspects of nature – the flowers and hummingbirds from the back yard, or a beautiful view of Mt Rainier. Encorporating the local landscape, flora and fauna always adds lasting value to the home, making it easy to sell if that is a potential down the line.

Call 253-203-6626 or Contact Robin to discuss how art tiles and sinks, decorative concrete, or other custom art installations, can enhance your life and increase the functionality and productivity of your space..

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