“One Cup One Life” & COVID

We are living in interesting times, indeed. We are having to find and/or learn new ways to do things all the time, which is a good thing. After all, we need to exercise our brain or it will decline in function.

When it comes to COVID, we have not seen much in the way of solutions, and especially no long term solutions, at least not here in the United States.

“One Cup One Life” is a Keshe plasma technology that is showing excellent documented results in Iran (and to a lesser documented extent in China)

What? If it’s working, why haven’t we heard about it?

Keshe plasma technology was created by Miram Keshe, a nuclear physicist from Iran who made the technology open source so that the world would have access to the healing and energy properties of the technology he created. One of his rules that I heard from someone who introduced me to the technology is, “Once you learn something, you have to teach it to others.” That is how this simple technology has been spreading throughout the world. Grassroots, people have been teaching people, or sharing a plasma patch with someone who experiences pain relief or increased crop yield (sometimes by 200 to 300%!) and then they learn to make it and pass it on.

Keshe has had working projects in China for several years, helping increase crop yields. This technology helped hundreds of pigs recover from the swine flu. Keshe gave the Cone Cup One Life formula to China as the outbreak of C-19 got serious. However, most of the documentation of how it has benefitted people with COVID-19 has come from doctors and volunteers documenting the results in Iran.

So, what is One Cup One Life?

One Cup One Life is a way to make three GANS (Gas in a nano state) in the same cup or jar, from which you can drink or spray the water in your environment, You can learn how to make it by visiting the page Understanding the OneCup OneLife – Keshe Foundation Wiki (kfwiki.org)