Project Brain Health

Healthy brain function plays a vital role in our quality of life. The devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease are terrifying to surviving family members. “Will it happen to me?” The good news is that cutting edge brain research and case studies are demonstrating that, even though medicine has no cure, appropriate lifestyle changes can result in a reduction/reversal of cognitive decline in 50-80% of diagnosed cases of Alzheimer’s.

Nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle changes – in the right combination – can help the body address and heal from a variety of issues that can affect our cognitive function, whether it is the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s, the challenges associated with the autism spectrum, or PTSD.

This brain health resource will be available to the public for the first time at the South Sound Alzheimer’s Conference, May 18. The keynote speaker will be Peggy Sarlin, a journalist who has interviewed top doctors and researchers around the world who are seeing positive results using lifestyle changes in studies and with their clients who have Alzheimer’s. This resource will help people move forward in taking responsibility for their brain health and overall wellbeing.

Thank you for your participation!

Robin Lee

Natural Living Solutions


Monday, May 21, 5:30pm Educational event for the public, and an opportunity to connect with health/Wellness professionals.
Location: TBA


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