Redesign Your Life

Redesign Your Life, Your Health, Your Goals. Join a membership that will empower you to reduce stress, have more energy and look and feel your best.

Monthly content includes:

  • Easy ways to reduce stress and have more energy
  • Simple keys to anti-aging nutrition & lifestyle
  • Live coaching
  • Special forums planned for caregivers & veterans

launching to the public November 2019
Special introductory pricing for limited number of participants – Call TODAY!
(360) 999-1570

Connect with a supportive community of people who have a lot of Life to Live and want to have fun doing it!

3 generations, happy and healthy

If you answer yes to any of these question, this membership is for You!

  • Are health issues preventing you or your family from being as active as you’d like?
  • Are you constantly overwhelmed, caring for everyone else, and having no time for yourself?
  • Do you want to add an extra 10, 20, 50 healthy years (or more1) to your lifespan?

Why Redesign Life?

Scientists are predicting 3,676,000 centenarians (people over 100 years old) by the year 2050. Unfortunately, they also predict the number of cases of Alzheimer’s to triple (to 13.8 million) by that same date. Currently, nearly half of all Americans have one or more chronic conditions.

As you age, how to you want it to look? The good news is that more doctors and scientists are recognizing that evidence based results are being achieved with lifestyle changes. People from all sectors of life and every chronic condition have seen an increase in their quality of life through lifestyle changes and an integrative approach to healthcare. What you do can dramatically affect how you age.

This membership will empower you with knowledge and tools covering every area of life, delivered in bite-size chunks, so you can see real improvement in your quality of life and start to be active doing what you love.

If you are already healthy the information you will gain each month will empower you to maintain your health at your best, and to allow you to plan stretch goals, both in performance and for longevity.

Special Offer for Founding Members

I’m opening up a limited number of lifetime spots into my membership for just $997, which includes full access for up to 3 people per family (or a monthly membership price of for $37/month for individuals, $67/month per family of 3)

This means that you’ll get to be a member for the life of the membership without ever paying a monthly fee like everyone else. This will help me off-set some of the costs of the program I’ve joined to help make this membership a success, and you’ll get to play a part in helping make it happen.

But here’s the catch… I’m only offering this today, and I’ll never offer the lifetime option for this membership again, AND all future members will have to pay on an ongoing basis.

I am planning to open the complete membership to the public in November 2019.

Between now and then, I will communicate with you on a weekly basis, asking for your input and offering updates and behind the scenes looks into the implementation.

Remember, this is not done and will not be fully available until November 2019.

Also, if you become a founding member in the next 24 hours at the $997 price you will also get 1 hour individual coaching (per family) and a gift box full of surprises.

If you’d like to join me in this, contact me at 360-999-1570 or asap as space is limited. I’ll send you details on how to make your payment.

I am thankful for your support, and I can’t wait to have you as a founding member in this journey together!

Robin Lee,
Health and Longevity Coach

Special note:

Part of the design of this membership is to give support across generations and to help families make wise choices in times of stress, which is why I consider family access an important component. As a health/longevity coach recognizing how evidence based lifestyle changes can improve health and transform lives, my goal is to empower each person, across all generations to live vibrantly healthy and well as long as they want to be here. My membership is designed to help you redesign your life so you and your family see dramatic health improvements and are able to live the life of your dreams.

It can also be helpful when you have a parent, sibling or spouse dealing with dementia or other critical health issues for all family members and the caregivers involved to be able to get the same health/lifestyle information. You can include your caregiver support in those who have access. Please let me know if you would like to arrange access for more people.


Robin Lee, owner of Natural Living Solutions

Robin Lee is a Health & Longevity Coach with an integrative approach to lifestyle changes that help the body heal and restore youth and vitality. She has 30+ years experience in nutrition and energetic/emotional healing.