3 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress & Have More Energy

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Enjoying your family
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You’ve probably heard “A certain amount of stress is good for you, but too much can kill you.”  Research is proving it to be true, with stress and inflammatory diseases reducing the quality of life for millions of people: unfortunately leading too often to long periods, even years, of suffering and (someitmes thankful) death, .

This page will give you simple ideas to help reduce stress on a daily basis.
Since we know it’s not always easy to change  our habits, we offer our suport. At Natural Living Solutions, we know htat everyone can have a FABULOUS, Rich and fulfilling Life
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#1  Take a break every 2 hours to BREATHE for 2-3 minutes.
Pausing during your work day every 2 hours to relax by focusing on your breath for 2 to 3 minutes can incresae your productivity and energy level, giving you several hours more productivity. This practice will also help protect your brain – and your health as a whole – from the damaging effects of stress.

#2  Jin Shin finger holds
Jin Shin finger holds are a simple, yet profound way to start reducing stress and start to see health benefits. All energy flows in the body – affecting 144,000 processes –  run through the fingers. Holding the fingers is an easy way to harmonize energy so the body can heal itself.

To do Jin Shin finger holds, simply hold each finger until you get a rythmic, even pulse. THis is easy to do while watching TV, waiting in line at the grocery store, or sitting at your child’s soccer game. If you’re driving, you can do finger holds by covering the base of your fingernail with one of your other fingers.

#3  Eat Heathy Chocolate 3x’s a day.
High antioxidant Healthy Chocolate is one of the easiest, most fun ways you can reduce stress and inflammation in your body. Eating chocolate 3 X’s a day, you’ll start to experience less pain, have more energy, and start to enjoy life more (you can eaven lose weight with it, stress free!)

Start doing any one of these on a regular basis, and you can start to see a difference in your health. Do them in combination, and the synergistic results can transform your life!


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