Sustainable Living Solutions

What are the components of a truly sustainable lifestyle?? Comfort? Beauty and functionality of the home environment? Ease of maintenance? Healthy family and community relationships? Flexibility of essentials in emergency situations?

Here are some of our recommendations to consider in making your home sustainable in the long term:

Biosand Water Filter decorated with maple leavesBiosand Water Filters – Water filtration nature’s way, scaled down to be appropriate for household use and filtering home rainwater catchment.

Rocket Mass Heaters – Superefficient wood fired heaters that combine the efficiency of a rocket stove with the heat retention capacity of thermal mass.

Joyous Creations – Custom tiles and sinks, concrete and natural surfaces to create lasting beauty in the built environment. A well built, beautiful, healthy environment can last 100’s of years and conserve our valuable resources. art tile kitchen backsplash

Community resources:
Alternative currencies, such as TimeBanks, Streetbanks, and local currencies are a fun and viable solution to create community, resiliency and prosperity in a down economy. Click here to learn more about TimeBanks.

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