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Herons on the Water - art tile backsplash
Herons on the Water – art tile backsplash

Designing long-lasting beauty into our homes and workplaces is valuable in creating a sustainable lifestyle. It creates a more livable space, increasing productivity and reducing the raw materials, construction and demolition costs across the life of the building.

An art tile kitchen backsplash is often the best upgrade a homeowner can make to add value to their home. Some of our residential client’s report greater health and relaxation from living with, and being inspired by Joyous Creations art tile designs, as well as an increased ability to sell their homes when they have chosen themes appropriate to the area (for the Pacific Northwest, that tends to be heron, hummingbirds, or Mt Rainier).

Commercial and public spaces where we have sink or tile installations are appreciated by clients and employees alike. In the case of the Girl Scout Center in Dupont, WA, staff find that every time they use the restrooms where they can view art made by girl scouts, it reminds them of why they do their job every day.

Below are listed some of what we can do, generally created using as much salvaged and/or recycled material as possible:

Custom Installations
Hand Painted Art Tile & Sink Designs

Art Tile TubSurround - Hummingbird TIle Design
Bathroom Tile Designs
Kitchen backsplash tile - vegetable design
Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs

Hand painted sink with Koi Fish

Hand Painted Sinks


Hand painted tiles & sinks in commercial and public art
Commercial & Public Art Projects










Joyous Creations Gifts and Accessories

Shadowbox with purple leaf & dragonfly,mixed media
Joyous Creations Shadow Boxes


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