Time Bank

The Time bank is a way to trade equally by using time instead of money. For example: if someone asks me for tech help for two hours, I have two hours, which I can now turn around and spend one and a half hours with someone else on quilting, and have a half an hour left for another exchange. Everyone’s hour is the same, whether they are giving a massage, walking a dog or painting a house.

The Hour4Hour Time Exchange was started by two ladies who got word that someone less than three miles from where they lived had burned there kitchen table for fire wood. They started the Hour4Hour Time Exchange in Rainier, Washington to help the community become more sovereign, and allow people to get things done, regardless of income.

Founders of the Hour4Hour Time Exchange

The Hour4Hour Time Exchange is taking root in a big way in the Bald Hills Neighborhood in Yelm, demonstrating how effective TimeBanks can be when lots of neighbors within one half to 5 miles distance from each other get the concept and start helping each other, with everyone’s hour being equal.

The Time Bank has many different branches across the globe. To find a Time Bank near you go to: community.timebanks.org



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